See what our clients are saying about Vicente Escrow.

I have never seen anyone work as hard as Holly [Hanks]! She goes out of her way to keep my clients and me happy. Her exceptional knowledge keeps the transactions moving smoothly. She is always there to answer any questions and calm the nerves of anxious buyers and sellers. I consider her a very important part of my team in closing all my escrows. She really is the best!
— Carla W., Agent
I have used Holly Hanks for many years in a row. I believe last year we had at least 20 escrows together! Holly is my go to person because she is thorough, thinks ahead, and is a problem solver for all situations. My clients have written thank you notes to her for her service and I do each and every escrow. I recommend Holly and her team to each and every client. Call if you have any questions 310-613-1102
— Megan W., Agent
I’ve worked with Holly [Hanks] for 15 years and she goes above and beyond. I have used other escrow officers in the past but if it’s my choice I always recommend her to our sellers. If you want a smooth transaction with a VERY experienced, caring and on top of it team then she’s the escrow officer you want when buying and selling. We highly recommend her!!!
— Sherri N., Agent
Dear Holly, I want to thank you for the fabulous job you did on this transaction. You aways go above and beyond, but this time your service was extraordinary. From handling the renewal of the public report to welcoming my clients for the final document signing after their long trip from Taiwan, your service is so appreciated by everyone associated with the transaction. You are the consummate professional and I want to acknowledge how much I have appreciated your fine service, sometimes day and night, over the years. Again, many thanks.
— Kathy, Top LA Agent
‘Woohoo! As good as it gets!’ is right. Holly Ann Le Blanc handles every detail of a transaction with expertise and eloquence. I have confidence putting my clients in her care. She is always on top of the transaction, thinking ahead, and my clients have told me how impressed they are with her. I trust her implicitly in her discretion and look to her for advice when I don’t have the answer. She helps me not only on escrows I give her, but with advice on escrows in other officers hands as well. Love love love this woman. She’s the best!
— Melissa E., Agent
Holly Hanks at Vicente is so great to work with, as an assistant to a very busy agent I am always juggling multiple escrows and working with Holly means one less thing to worry about. Her and her team are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, accessible and always happy to answer any questions. I wish that we could do all of our deals with Holly!!
— Megan Seville M., Agent
Holly Ann is a true professional who takes her job very seriously but always keeps a positive attitude from start to finish. She is accessible, knowledgeable and responsive and I always have a level of confidence that my clients are in good hands. Holly Ann keeps me in the loop and has found solutions to any problems that arise. I use her as often as possible.
— Jill C., Agent
Holly Ann deserves more than 5 stars. She is wonderful at dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s and making sure everything is where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there. I am also more than satisfied with the level of communication she had with all of the parties involved. Even when the HOA delayed on the paperwork, she stayed on them and kept us updated. I can’t thank her and Ofelia enough for taking great care of my client and this transaction. Vote for Holly Ann, Ofelia and Vicente Escrow!!
— Adam R., Agent
Holly Hanks at Vicente Escrow has been doing an excellent job working with my clients escrows over the last six years since I met her. She is professional, friendly and is very detail oriented and gets the job done. I highly recommend her.
— Tracey H., Agent